Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Post in 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!!

Hubby, me and a bunch of other friends were invited to an old and new party by Pangky and Nuke with their little boy. And boy did I have a good time! Their home are so comfy and neat. Both of them were such gracious hosts. They made sure that everyone had more than enough food on their plates, brewed coffee for those who need coffee to stay awake till midnight, greeted and made sure that everyone had a good time. Nuke is such a gifted cook. She cooked Indonesian food with so much love and spices. Her food will make every oversea Indonesians cry with tears of happiness.

It was decided that the party was to be a Pot-Luck. But, Nuke herself prepared 4 different dishes all by herself! Just like any other party hosted by Indonesians, the food were in abundance. When I say abundance, I meant abundance. There were about 30 people attending the party and by the end of the night, there were still so many food left that all the guests were able to take back some leftovers home! 

And here is our feast for the night.

The table from another angle

Nuke's homemade siomay. They're filled with shrimps and chicken and typically eaten with spicy peanut sauce. They were so good that I gobbled two portion.

Nuke's home made Indonesian meat balls a.k.a Bakso. They're so bouncy and springy and beefy, just like if  you ordered it from "Bakso Stall in Jakarta"

Nuke's Sosis Solo. Rolled up pancake filled with minced beef and cheese.  

Nuke's Tuna Puff Pastry. This was left almost untouched. Everyone is concentrating on other yummy treats.

My contribution for the night:
Beef empal with fresh veggies and sambal

Annika's vegetarian spring rolls and veggie fritters

Maria Angelina's Venezuelan Pan de Jamon
Yes, it is the same bread she made for the Christmas goose dinner.

Andi's Cassava Dessert
Sweet gooey white cassava with some coconut milk 

There were more food than those listed above, I just sorta got lost in the food once I started eating. For the sake of completion here is the list of the food:
  • Dian and Monic's fried tempeh and tempeh in chili sauce
  • Irene's Risoles: deep fried pancake rolls filled with chicken and veggies
  • Andi's Es Campur
  • Birgit's Cream Cake
  • Annika's Berliner
  • Wati's Puff Pastry
So that's how I spent my last night of 2011 and the first day of 2012: in abundance of food. I hope that it's a sign for more good food I'm gonna get in 2012. 

Have a good upcoming year everyone!