Friday, May 18, 2012

Zhong Hua Chinese Breakfast

I'm so excited! I found a real Chinese breakfast in Hamburg and it's WARM!! I exclaim on warm because we Asian like to eat warm meals three times daily. All my German friends are shocked when they hear about this. But trust me, my mom can't even imagine getting into bed without warm meal in the tummy.

Anyway back to my breakfast. Traditionally, Chinese breakfast consists of a bowl of warm soy bean milk (dou jiang) and a stick of cruller / Chinese Doughnut / You Tiao (it is pretty much deep fried dough, sorta like the Spanish Churro). Trust me the combination of oily and crunchy deep fried dough with the sweet and milky soy bean milk is a match made in heaven.

Accompanying the you tiao and dou jiang is a veggie and mushroom bao. The bao are doughy but plump and quite good. The filling is also well executed.

Chinese Chives and pork guo tie (pot stickers). The guo tie was alright. The skin was way too thick for my liking. But the northern Chinese love their pot stickers thick. So, probably these pot stickers might be made by a northern Chinese Chef.

the stuffings of the guo tie

The best part of the breakfast is these side dishes:

liang ban wan nian qing 萬年青, it's actually a type of veggie that tastes a lot like spinach. All my family members love this veggie. It feels good to munch on something green after all that dough. 

xue cai mao dou 雪菜毛豆
Edamame and some salty greens. An all time favourite. The nuttines of the edamame with the  salty greens made an awesome combination. On top of that, each of these little saucers side dishes costs only 1 euro.

Zhong you bing : The green scallion pancake. It's alright but definitely not the best out there. 

To conclude this post. Zhong hua is a great place to eat some authentic Chinese breakfast. Their pot stickers and green scallion pancake probably aren't the best, but the crullers and the soy milk are very good. And they're fairly decent priced! The crullers cost only 1 euro and the soy milk cost only 1,50 euro. It's dirt cheap! And they totally won me over with the very well done side dishes. Moreover there are other stuff in the menu which sounds interesting like the salty soy milk and the knife-cut noodles.  I'll definitely be going back very soon. If you see me in the restaurant. Don't forget to say hello to me. 

Zhong Hua 
Wandsbeker Markstraße 157
22041 Hamburg
U1 - Wandsbek Markt