Saturday, October 19, 2013

Extremely Spicy Hunan Food at Chinese am Fleet

While I was preggie with my daughter, Fitzie, I wasn't really keen on eating. I lost 8 kg at my first trimester but after that slowly but surely I gain them all back in the last 6 months. After I got my appetite back, I always want to eat spicy food and here's the place that I frequently visit once the craving hit in. At last I got a good reason for all those cravings I've having for years (see the name of this blog). 

This place is recommended by a Hunan friend. Do I need to explain about all the difference of spicy? heck , if you are reading this, chances that you are acquainted with Chinese cooking but still i love to be teachy. So here are the difference of Hunan spicy and Sichuan spicy. with The Hunanese e.g. Mao Zi Dong (you know that big leader of Chinese Communist party) are spicy eater, if Sichuanese are more like numbing spice, Hunanese are hot spicy like chili spicy. But different to say Indonesian spicy. Hunan Spicy are more like biting and direct. Got it? Like the hotness is hiting directly and without all those cloying complicated spices in Indonesian cooking. 

My Hunanese friend took control of the night and ordered all the right food. Pork feet for pregnant lady is extremely important, "she stressed." They are filled with collagen and good for bones. Whatever the reasons are, This is one hell of tasty pork feet. Soft and succulent, sweetish but oh so spicy. I drenched the sauce on my rice after everyone finished and almost ordered another serving for me to take out. 

Spicy pork feet

We already got a red braised type of dish, so we need a quick stir fry and dry meal, so here is the vegetarian bean curd stir fried with slivers of veggies. Sounds so simple but again oh so tasty. The bean curd absorbs the sauce and the aroma of wok. Whereas the veggies stays so bright and crunchy. I love this dish for its straightforwardness yet complex with mixture of aroma and taste.

stir fried bean curd 

The last dish is a very traditional Hunanese dish, extremely spicy snail with chopped spices. Honestly saying, I wouldn't give this dish a glance, if I'm the one who do the ordering. Snail? Hello!! I want meat and seafood! not some lowly snail. But it's surprisingly tasty. I know I sound like a broken recorder with all these tastys. I can't help it. They are all so tasty. 

Hard and succulent, more like a gum, the snails need all those sauce to give them flavour. So, good job spicy sauce you give these snails great touch up.  They are not lowly food anymore, they become so lively and vibrant with the sweetness and spiciness. 

Spicy snails
If you are wondering, why the pictures are tiny. I did it with purpose. I was lazy to bring my dSLR kamera, so I just took them with my lousy smart phone kamera. I was so hungry and wasn't really in the mood to take pictures. So my hands shook due to the Fitzie hungerness :-) and it resulted in shaky, out of focus pictures. 

But don't let my lousy pictures keep you away from all these goodnes. Please give them a try and you will realize how good spicy stuffs can be. 

Chinese am Fleet

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20537 Hamburg
Stadtviertel: Hamm Mitte

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