Saturday, February 15, 2014

Organic veggie box from Bio Hoflieferant

My daughter, Fitzie, started her solid last summer. Since then I ordered an organic veggie box to cook her solid food. I'm very satisfied with the boxes, the veggies are fresh sometimes the carrots are delivered with some dirts too. Once I even had romaine lettuce plus a worm. Hubby told me surely sign of no pesticides and we even got some extra protein :)

Here are some of the examples of the boxes that Bio Hoflieferant sent. They are mostly regional vegetables so I got a lot of carrots, various type of cabbage. But there're some exotic stuffs that I've never seen in the supermarket too like colorful swiss chard, may turnip, purple carrots. Stuffs that you only get when you go to farmer's market. But these are delivered directly to your doorstep. One small box costs €10 and I cook Fitzie's 2 weeks food ration with it and there're always leftover for hubby and me. 

See the colorful swiss chard down there. It's surprisingly sweet and pleasant to the eye. And of course Fitzie loved it.

Here're box with some fresh fruits too.

Some extra herb for summer day too.

In case you want to order organic box and you have no idea where you can get it. I can recommend the boxes from Bio Hoflieferant. This is not a sponsored post and I'm not even paid for this. But I just want to highlight how wonderful fresh vegetables can be. And I can't stop myself taking pictures of colorful veggies.

Friday, February 7, 2014


After Fitzie was born, we rarely eat out. Bringing a baby to a restaurant is not easy. At first, because I was still breast feeding her. I was always afraid that she will wake up and want her milk and I need to do public breast feeding. Honestly in Germany, breast feeding is very normal, it's not frowned upon and no one will give a breast feeder a second glance. My friend even breast feed her baby in park during a festival and another mom looking for a spot also joined her. But me being an Asian, I'm still need my space and I prefer to do it in the comfort of my home. 

Anyway back to eating out. so after the 6 months period were over and Fitzie started her solid food. We start to eat out again. Mostly in places near our home, Barmbek. So I was excited to find out that one decent restaurant is actually very near my home and that's TRUDE. I can highly recommend their Sunday Brunch Buffet. but today's post is not about the buffet. 

Ute, a neighbor, Andy's mom and a surrogate oma for Fitzie celebrated her birthday there and these are what we ate. 

Giant Curry Wurst with two sauces; one is tomato based and the one in the right is curry based. We all prefered the tomato based ones. It was really a giant curry wurst. Hubby couldn't even finished all those french fries. 

Here is the Hamburg specialty; Matjes Filet mit Bratkartoffeln. Matjes filet is like the name already said, fileted herring which are soak in brine. Those who loves it, raves about it. Those who hates it, complained about its fishiness and its texture like an rotten fish. Btw if you are looking the fish is actually in the jar. 

Bauernfr├╝hstuck lit. means farmer's breakfast. Roasted potatoes with bacon and egg. It was alright but not memorable

Maurienstr. 13-15
22305 Hamburg