Saturday, September 14, 2013

Quán dò Vietnamese Street Kitchen

Love love love this restaurant. Located directly in the heart of Hamburg, 3 minutes walk from Hamburg Central station. This is the address for your authentic Vietnamese food while you do the shopping in Möckenbergstraße. I know I sound like a sales person in an printed ad. But can't help to get excited about this place. 

They got everything right. Great location, chic decoration, tasty and affordable food and friendly waitresses. You know, there are two types of restaurants which got me excited first a hole in the wall type of place; dirty, small, dingy but serves the best authentic food you can request. The second one is the type you can bring your date or your German friends and get them excited about Asian food. Quán dò is definitely fits into the second type. All my German friends rave about this place, how they love the freshness of the veggies, the interesting mix of exotic Asian herb and how cool Asian food can be. 

Okay enough of all these ravings, without much ado, here're some pics

Very crispy spring rolls, who doesn't love deep fried food. Of course sauce can be better but it doesn't bother me. I never dip my spring rolls to any kind of sauce. I eat deep fried food for their crispiness so why dip it to any kind of sauce and soften them. But I dip my chinese crullers into my soy milk. Hmmm I wonder now. But that's thing for another post. Anyhow the spring rolls got crispy exterior, right combination of meat and veggies filling. Thumbs up

Frühlingsrollen Quan Do 
We got hooked to Quan Do because of this dish. Their Bún Chả; rice noodles topped with grilled marinated pork. 

Do I need to mention that Hubby loves Bun Cha, he ardently search his best Bun Cha in Hamburg like the one in Berlin. We still need to find his perfect one but he's quite satisfied with this one. The fish sauce dressing (nuon nam) is sourish, sweet and fishy and the bowl is a good ratio of pork and rice noodles. The pork is slightly sweet and still tender. Hubby only complained that the pork was grilled on electric grill therefore lacking of smokey aroma. 

Bun Cha 

I was, at the time of this particular dinner, pregnant with my daughter Fitzie. That's sometime in Summer 2012, I know I'm extremely late on postings but I promise I will do it one by one. So I wasn't really in the mood of eating and ordered a light mango salad, which were very fresh, sourish and sweet. Just right for a preggie lady. 

Mango salad with chicken satay 

I've been to Quan Do more than once, and I can say, I've tried almost all of their main dishes and some of their specials too. Many are good and some are mediocre but overalls I'm satisfied. 

Quán dò

Georgsplatz 16
20099 Hamburg
040 32901737