Sunday, February 20, 2011

China Wok China Restaurant

How low can my standard go, that I started to blog about a germanized Chinese restaurant? Well I do lower my standard after I live in Ulm. First, there's no, not even one authentic Chinese restaurant. And as a beggar can't be a chooser so I've tried some so-called Chinese Restaurants and this China Wok are decent enough, so that it moves me to blog about them.

China-Wok is a typical germanized Chinese Imbiss/Restaurant. They call themselves restaurant and of course, you are waited there. But if you ask me the menu is a typical China Imbiss type, filled with deep fried stuff and similar brown sauces, eventhough on the menu stated interesting stuff like, sze chuan sauce, sa cha sauce and even black bean sauce. But don't expect anything than some salty brown soy sauce based sauce.

But again, China-Wok is one of the more decent China Restaurant in Ulm. So here are some stuffs that we order as lunch.

Crispy duck with veggies chop suey in hoi sin sauce (7,90 euro). Hubby loves duck, escpecially deep fried so this is what he ate. It was alright, the rice was succulent and sticky as asian rice should be. The veggies are mixture of canned bamboos shoot, fresh green beans and some pepper bell. It was alright for a germanized Chinese food.

stir fried beef for 6,50 euro, a friend of ours ordered this. I didn't take a bite but he said it was good.

me, being the smarter one, avoided the boring brown sauce and ordered fried rice with shrimps. They don't have this on the menu, they only have fried rice with chicken, beef and shrimps, but they are willing to make a change and stir fried the rice with only shrimps. And surprisingly it was wonderfully good, it was fragrant, has the wok hei (the burnt smell of the wok), and generous serving of medium sized shrimps. It cost 6,20 euro.

Btw they also offer sushi, after all sushi is all the rage now in Germany. But honestly saying I was afraid of the quality of the raw fishes they offer there. I mean sushi is not only about raw slices of fish with some rice. Sounds simple, but it's about quality, if I eat sushi or sashmi I prefer to know that there's a dependable source of sea food. Otherwise I don't even want to touch it.

Do try the fried rice, it was one of the better one that I got since I've moved here to south germany.

China Wok Restaurant Ulm
Frauenstra├če 20
89073 Ulm
0731 9260506

Friday, February 11, 2011

Jim Block

My favourite steak restaurant in Germany is Block House. I love their T-Bone and their self created mixture of peppers & garlic. So when a friend of mine, Linda, who lives in Hamburg told me about a subsidiary company from block house, which specialized only on hamburger. I was all hot and eager to travel to hamburg on that day. But without a sound reason, why should I travel 700 km only to eat a bun with some minced beef inbetween.

so Last month I have a sound reason to travel to Hamburg. The reason for it? Be patient and wait, if it's a good news. I'll surely announce it in my blog.

Back to Jim Block. I have a high expectation for this one. First because of the name Block at the end of the name. Second, because of all the stories that Linda told me, about how good their burgers are compared to those from McD or BK. So here are the hamburgers.

the standard hamburgers with baked potato and sour cream (6,90 euro soft drinks included). Now tell me, which other fast food restaurant serve baked potato (healthier carbs than fries) as side dishes?

Hamburger with mushrooms, notice the generous serving of the mushroom. I just love the combination of mushroom with beef. As a menu with fries and drink cost 6,60 euro