Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fitzie says her Hello

I've mentioned, my baby, Fitzie a few times already. Since this is her birthday month. I think it's appropriate for her to say Hello. She was born in January last year. Born in the year of dragon, better said, the last few weeks before the year of dragon's end; dragon's tail is how my mom described it. She's named after a famous jazz legend. Hence Fitzie is her nickname. 

She's been a good baby. Quiet and calm, a thinker who rarely smiles. But never makes a big fuss and learn her way fast. It's been a joy to watch her grow up. I never know that being a mom can be so addictive. I was always afraid of the responsibilities and lack of freedom being a mom of young children, but I must say after I have Fitzie, it's different than what I thought it would be. Of course it's tiring and we never can eat out peacefully anymore. But the joy and the pleasure of watching her is really "unbezahlbar". enough of my bla bla. Here is she. 

That's her being bullied by her uncle Andy and papa. At that time she was around three months. Blissfully unaware of stuffs around her. Look at those chubby cheeks. 

Here she is wearing her first duffle coat. The picture is blurry cause she won't stay still. But she laughs her hearts out here. So I thought hell with it and post it after all 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Breakfast at Dat Backhus

What kind breakfast do you like? sweet and light? hearty and savory? Me? I'm hearty and eggy type. Give me an English breakfast with bacon and baked beans. I'm all happy. But hubby, he's such a sweet breakfast type. His perfect breakfast consists of a toast with nutella and a black coffee. Since he's not such a breakfast eater. I tend to follow his suit and join him for his nutella toast.

But one day, while pregnant with my daughter, Fitzie, I crave for a good hearty breakfast. One local bakery, dat backhus offers breakfast till 11.00. Because I'm not in the mood to crack eggs or stand beside hot Elektro-herd while carrying my big tummy around. So off I went to got my egg.

..... and got myself not one, not two, but THREE scrambled eggs with bacon and a sun flower seeds Brötchen.

They called it scrambled but I called them omelettes. They were good, the eggs were fluffy and I love that they topped it with chives. It gave an extra ommph. Only the bacon was sad, soft and damp, overly salty and burnt on their sides. I've seen better bacons. To the rescue the Brötchen was good. Crispy exterior, soft interior and crunchy from the sun flower seeds. 

Here's another view of my meal, this time with a glass of Orange juice to wash away the greasiness.