Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fresh Cherries from tree

At last it's a hot and humid summer in Hamburg. The temperature has been hitting 30°C the whole week. There are days when I felt that it is indeed too much. On the other hand it's time for all the juicy summer products, salads and picking cherries, strawberries, raspberries or all other berries available for picking. 

My husband and me picked Valeska and Knupper cherries from an farm at Altes Land. the farm or orchard is called Obsthof Schröder. Their cherries are ripe and ready for picking. Moreover it's so cheap too. 1 kg of class A cherry cost 3 Euro, In supermarket you need to pay 6 - 7 euro for cherries from Turkey. So if you are wondering, what are you going to do this or next weekend, go to Altes Land and pick your own cherries. If you see an Asian family busy picking and stuffing our mouth with cherries don't forget to say hi to me. You see, my husband is so excited about cherries that he decided we need more. 

Without much ado, here are the pictures of the cherries still hanging on the tree
Valeska Cherries 


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