Saturday, March 19, 2011

Minh Trang Vietnamese Restaurant

A vietnamese friend of mine, To anh, who visits Berlin for work, ask me for recommendation for a good vietnamese restaurant. Because of the limited time that we have, I couldn't bring her to dong xuan center for my favourite Bun Cha. So we must find something in town but still viatnamese enough for her.

I chose Minh Trang because before Dong Xuan center hits Berlin. It was the only place for decent Pho in town. It's naturally pricier than dong xuang center, but pho for 7/8 euro I think it's still reasonable.

Pho Special, with all different cuts of beef and beef meat balls. The soup is robust and filled with beefy flavour. Look at the pinky beef! that's how I like my beef, medium.

Hubby, a man of habit, always eat bun cha, whenever he eats vietnamese. Bad news for him, there's no Bun Cha for him. But at least there's something similar, rice noodles with pork satay. Hubby said it was good, but nothing beats Bun Cha from Dong Xuan center.

Rice with grilled pork. I didn't get to try this. But it should be good.

To Anh was very pleased with Minh Trang. The pho was almost the same as the one she used to eat in vietnam. When I asked her, what is the minor difference? it was the price! Haha, I guess in vietnam pho is dirt cheap.

Minh Trang offers not only vietnamese dishes but also other stir fried chop shuey. I heard it was alright. But the real deal here is their pho, some of my friends even still prefers the pho in minh trang rather than those in dong xuan center. Their reason is because minh trang offers the pho special, which has differents cuts of beefs and meat balls. The one in dong xuan center only offer one type of beef.

Minh Trang Asiatische Küche
Kantstraße 67 10627
Berlin - 030 31801117

S-Westend ICC
Bus X34/M49

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  1. that looks wonderful! do you know if they also have vegetarian options?