Friday, September 30, 2011

Meister Lo Nudelhaus

A real Taiwanese beef noodle soup made by native Taiwanese right here in Hamburg. A dream  come true. Very friendly and chatty Taiwanese, may I add. Their presence makes the dining experience in this small unimpressive shop feels like having a dinner by a relative. The restaurant is small but cozy and clean. 

Their menu is quite simple, they have different types of noodles soup such as beef noodle soup, beef goulasch noodle soup and tan tan noodle. They also offer some rice dishes, different dumplings and some cold plate.

For appetizer they give us not only one but two FREE appetizers, okay the portion for the appetizer is small but hey it's free and they are so tasty that I can easily gobble them down in minutes. On that day we got 

Carrot salad with bean curd stripes

and cold sweet sour garlicky cukes 

Beef Noodle Soup is the national dish in Taiwan so what else should I order? Of course the Beef Noodle Soup. I must say the beef noodle soup is excellent. the soup is clear and tastes beefy broth and not crowded with various spices and soy sauce. The beef chunks are tender and meaty and a bowl cost € 6.50.

The only minor thing that bothers me is the noodle. They use dried noodles which are re-hydrated and of course such noodles are different in the chewiness in comparison with those freshly made noodle. Those of you who follow my blog will surely know, how peculiar I am with the texture of noodles. But even though the noodles are the minus point, they win me with beefy broth and chunky meat. And eaten with those FREE appetizer/side dishes I can completely ignore the not-so-chewy noodle altogether. 

As I was looking into their simple but authentic menu, I saw this:

It's a cold plate consisted of combination of with soy sauce braised pork, hard-boiled egg, firm tofu, pig ears and sea weed. There's two portion a bigger and a smaller one. I ordered a smaller one but I forgot how much it cost around 5 euro somewhere. 

When I saw this dish, all the slides from my childhood memories came back into my mind, you know like the flashback in black and white in the Hollywood film. One of my parents favourite food court back then in the 90ies was the one in Jalan Labu near Glodok/Pancoran. My dad used to order this dish and told us, the kid, that this cold plate is the typical Taiwanese food, which the Taiwanese always order when they drink beer, so like the companion. And it stuck to my mind that this dish must be enjoyed together with beer. And I still remember how I only wanted to eat the tofu, egg and seaweed, I always left the yucky innards like pork liver, pork tounge to my dad. Now I'm smarter and order this dish withouth those innards. Well I ramble too much now, but I hope when my siblings read this, they know exactly what I'm talking about. 

So here's another shot of the cold plate from different angle 

At last the dessert : Melon
To round it up this melon were also free!! and look how it's decorated with love! They can easily cut up Melon and put it side by side but they took time and stacked it. 

I must say I am impressed, the food quality and food price are above average and how they give out food freely. I mean they might not cost much, but I wonder how long they can do that? Again I'm not complaining. They also have so many other interesting stuff like the beef over rice and the shanghai wan tan noodle soup, which I would like to try. Btw did I mention it has potential to be one of my favorite restaurant?

Meister Lo's Nudelhaus
Wandsbeker Chausse 40
22089 Hamburg


  1. Tried it a few weeks ago with my family. It was a cold windy day. Loved it very much! All their staff were very nice. The food was excellent! Espescially the hot bowl of soup while it was cold outside. I would go so far to think that this is the best AND probably the cheapest authentic Taiwan meal you can get in Germany. ***** stars!! Thanks for the post! Keep 'em coming. I live in Berlin but my sister's in Hamburg. So I will keep going back there to try some Asian Food.

  2. om nom nom...looks very tasty!