Sunday, June 2, 2013

Soft tofu stew at Kim Chi

Some of my friends raved about Kim Chi at Heussweg, which according to them made one hell tasty Sundubu Jigaee even better than the one from my favourite Han Mi. So it's been on my to-try-list for a very long time. I've been to Kim Chi for more than once, it just every time I look at their menu, I changed my mind in the last minute and order bbq pork or some other stuffs.

Last week I decided it's time to try the stew for lunch. I came early and officially the restaurant  was not even open yet but the cook which had start preparing some ban chan allowed me to wait in the restaurant. I happily looked around the menu, I always love browsing restaurant's menu, searching for something interesting to try for the next visit. 

Then the owner and the waitress came, they greeted me, must be surprised to see a hungry little Asian woman sitting in the corner, anyway without further ado I ordered the stew and in a short 10 minutes the food came.

Yummy yummy, I love Korean side dishes, there're so much to try. I was a very happy girl when I saw there're not only 4 or 5 but 7 different side dishes, from top: bean sprout, spinach, radish, potatoes, fish cake, ubiquitous kimchi and lastly green beans. My favourites this time are spicy bean sprout and the sweet and sour radish. 

The main attraction is of course the stew. For those unfamiliar with Korean cuisine. Sundubu Jigaee is a soft tofu stew with some seafood, it should be served bubbling hot and while bubbling an egg is cracked into the soup, resulting in a soft and silky pouched egg. Hot and spicy, along with some seafood there're soft tofu which just melt in the mouth.

and here is one with the treasure, the yolk

I must say the best part of the meal is actually the ban chan (side dishes). The stew itself is alright, spicy and hot, but it's definitely some frozen sea food. I don't mind frozen one, I mean we are in Germany and not in Korea or some island with stock of endless fresh seafood. but still there are only countable tiny pieces of shrimps, squid and mussels. The rest are chunks of tofu. 

It was still a good meal, it just I came with an extremely high expectation and expected something which will blow my mind off. In the end I was happy with the side dishes but the stew didn't impress me. 

Kim Chi
Heussweg 10
20257 Hamburg

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