Saturday, August 10, 2013

Freshly picked raspberries at Glantz Erdbeerhof

Are you a raspberry or strawberry person? Me, I always prefer strawberry, it's sweeter and fruitier than raspberries. I admit, the raspberries that I know is always those almost foul-travelled long way-packed in styrofoam-without fragrance-fruits from the supermarket. Those raspberries lovers always swear that fresh raspberries are way better than strawberries. One of hubby's colleagues, Volker, is one and he told us that Glantz Erdbeerhof offers raspberries for picking. Once we got such information, hubby and me decide we want to eat pick them this weekend.  

We choose to pick them from the Erdbeerhof in Delingsdorf, Here are the rows of the raspberries trees.

Rows of berries
Look at those plump fruits, aren't they just screaming: "pop me in your mouth!" 

I must say I'm a convert, the ripe plump raspberries are so sweet and they have such a aromatic fragrance which is so inviting. And the color, oh the color, it's such a pretty pink that hubby thought I smeared lipstick on my shirt, and it's actually raspberries juices. 


After such tiring job; snacking picking raspberries, the Glantz erdbeerhof has a very pretty and comfy erdbeer shop and erdbeer loung where you can buy every product made of strawberries and raspberries. Jam, wine, dried fruits, tea, sorbet,  you name it they have it.

Don't forget to sit at the lounge and order their home made strawberry and raspberry sorbet. 

The shop
Strawberry sorbet in cone

Raspberries sorbet in cone

Erdbeerhof Glantz

Hamburgerstra├če 2a
22941 Dellingsdorf

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  1. Mmmmmmm... the raspberries (especially the ice cream variety) look so good! We planted a raspberry bush this year which I have shockingly not killed yet. However, I do miss a good berry picking session and have been scoping around Berlin for possible sites. This reminds me to pick one & go already!