Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Makrönchen from Jö Makrönchen

I'm entering the prime of my life aka my thirty something birthday. We don't plan any big celebrations this year. It just with our Fitzie's sickness we just don't have so much energy to do a lot. So because it should still be a special day. I ordered a pack of petit macaroon. 

Jö Makrönchen is a mail delivering macaroon patessiere. The mini macaroon are so cute and not overly sweet. All the ingredients are nature product so no artificial coloring and long list of ingredients we don't even recognize. I chose a mix box which has everything from raspberries, caramel, lemon, vanilla, chocolate and pistachio. 

I was happy to receive this and this small box of colour really does remind me that happiness doesn't mean pomp and circumstances but means cherising every little happy thing in life. 

Happy Birthday dear Me. 

Jö Makrönchen 

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