Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happi Sushi ... Klein aber Fein

I like my food to be prepared authentically by natives. For examples, Pho by Vietnamese, Dim Sum by Hongkongnese, Xiao Long Bao by Shanghainese and of course Sushi by Japanese. That's why I detest all those weird so called sushi made by either Chinese or Vietnamese. I don't mean to be a food snob but I prefer quality than quantity. 

So I was excited and happy to know that Happi Sushi is a real Japanese Imbiss. It's pretty small and straightforward. A refrigerator on the left, few high tables and high chairs on the right, then a counter and a kitchen at the back end. The waitress and the cooks are all Japanese; you know tiny, extremely friendly with their greetings and smiles. 

Located in the heart of Hamburg, this is the place where you want to grab a quick lunch during your shopping spree. So in case you just finished shopping say in BCBG or Chanel. Take a turn around the corner and enjoy yourself a casual lunch at Happi Sushi. 

For Lunch the offer lunch menu and I ate a very good udon soup with some sushis and very tasty salad with wafu dressing. All this costs €10.90. Perfect for a quick lunch. The udon soup is garnished with spinach, wakame, a slice of Tofu skin and some green onions. The broth is a tad too sugary sweet for me but a spoonful of shimichi helps to spice up the whole thing. The udon is chewy just the way like I like it. I have 10 pieces of sushis, the fishes are cut too thin in my opinion. But they are fresh so I approve. 

Here take a closer look at the sushi; From left top, salmon, salmon tartare, omelette, tuna, pickled cucumber, cucumber, tuna salad, cucumber again, tuna and california roll. 

Udon with spinach, wakame and tofu skin. 

Here's how the kitchen looks like. Like i said, it's tiny. As I was leaving the chef and owner, I presume, were working together with a younger man tearing iceberg salad leaves. Talking about hand made here. 

My favorite place to gawk is actually this. Their refrigerator with various sushis to take away. All of them look so good that I think I want to try everything there. They offer interesting toppings like salmon teriyaki, seared tuna, ebi fry, marinated lotus roots, salmon tartare and other stuffs that I already forgot. 

Happi Sushi

Valentinskamp 18
20354 Hamburg

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