Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lindt Dark Chocolate Souffle Cake

My dear neighbour, Ute, gave us 3 Lindt Gold Bunny this Easter. 

Fitzie loved to play with them, there're bells which chimed prettily and she loved to threw them onto the floor and picked them again. Surprisingly those bunnies are really robust. She played with them for three months until last Saturday. One of them broke. I thought, now it's the time to bake a cake with it. I've been saving the dark chocolate for this: 

Lindt Dark Chocolate Souffle Cake

200 gr high quality dark Chocolate (2 Lindt Easter Bunny 60% Dark Chocolate)
125 gr butter 
125 gr sugar 
2 Tsp almond flour (fine grounded almond)
6 eggs separated
Fresh strawberries and icing sugar for decoration 

Melt dark chocolate with butter in a double boiler. If you dare, heat them in the microwave or directly in the pot. I love to multi-task so it's easier for me to slowly melt them on top of hot water.  

Heat your oven to 190°C and butter a baking form. 

Boil water in a kettle and pour them into a baking sheet. Heat the water in the ofen. It's for a French baking method called Bain Marie. 

While waiting the chocolate and butter melts to cool off. Beat egg white till soft peaks form.

Once the chocolate and butter cools off, mixed in sugar, almond flour and egg yolks.

Gently fold in the egg white meringue to the chocolate mixture in three separate steps. 

Transfer the batter to the buttered form and bake bain marie for 40 minutes. You will see the cake rises.

After the cake is done, don't take them out directly but wait till it cools off a bit then take them out of the oven. Direct temperature change shocks the cake and will make them shrink. In the end the cake will shrink a bit too. But it will still have some volume. 

Decorate with strawberries and icing sugar.

The cake is dense with chocolate flavour, soft and fluffy. Hubby complained that the structure is almost similar to mousse au chocolat and he prefered cake which has more structure. But hey it's souffle cake. It should be creamy and fluffy. I love it the way it is. If not for the calories I'll eat half of the cake in one eating. 

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