Thursday, October 7, 2010

La Mian at Selig

In the last couple of years, there are more and more new restaurants in Berlin that claimed to specialize in hand pulled noodles. For example, there's Le LaMian at Friedrichschein, Tian Fu food at Wilsmersdorf and my personal favourite, Selig, also known as Lan Zhou La Mian (which literally means Lan Zhou Hand Pulled Noodles) at Charlottenburg. Lan Zhou is a region in China which specialized in this special type of noodles.

The hand pulled noodles served at Selig is exactly how hand pulled noodles should be. They're chewy, al-dente, fresh, has a bold taste and they're perfect in texture! Surprisingly though, my favourite dish in the restaurant is not my usual beef noodle soup. In fact, I think I would go as far to discourage you from ordering their noodle soup. Go for Selig's hand-pulled noodles with deep fried duck with chef's special sauce instead. It sounds like if a Germanized Chinese food, I know. But the sauce is so good that, trust me, you can eat the noodles sans any soup.

Lan zhou la mian

For side dish/appetizer I ordered a cold glass noodle salad. It was sour and salty but nothing special about it.

Glass noodle salad selig

And now, let me present you this Selig's peppermint tea, a favorite drink of mine. The best thing about the tea is that Selig don't use tea bag. Instead, they put in fresh mint with brown sugar.

Peppermint tee

After the end of the meal, they served a complimentary sugar coated peanuts. They're my favourite part of my meal. I wonder how they make it? Deep fried the peanuts and then coat them with frosted sugar and oil? anybody has a recipe for this? I would like to make them at home too.

Lan zhou la mian sugar coated peanut

Selig / Lan Zhou La Mian
Kantstr. 51
10625 Berlin

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