Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aaberna - Korean Imbiss

The funny thing about Aaberna is, it's not actually an imbiss. It's actually a part of a bed and breakfast. The owner is a Korean man and he is always sitting behind the bar. The cook, a Korean ahjumma is always standing in the kitchen. The moment I enter this bed and breakfast, I felt like I'm entering a Korean family's sitting room, where the father is busy in front of the computer and the mother is busy cooking. I'm not sure wheter the owner and the cook are related, but that's the impression that they gave me.

Their menu is simple but it represent home cooked Korean meal like bulgogi, deokbukki, kimchi jigae and bibimbap. I was there more than once and I've tried all those food I mentioned above and they are all satisfactory. They are not like the food that you are going to get from a restaurant but more like a home-cooked meal from your mom. But for foods that cost around 4 to 6 Euro I think it's very reasonable.

The only picture that I have from this restaurant is this stir fried octopus with rice
Aaberna octopus with rice

And here it is once again with the complimentary kimchi and other side dishes

Aaberna set meal

Aaberna Hotelpension
Wilhelmshavener str. 37
10551 Berlin
Tel. : 3952594

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