Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fröhe Weichnachten

It's white christmas, folks!

It's been snowing since the end of November here in Germany, but because it's christmas, everyone is happy and enjoying a white christmas. Here is the place, where we went sleigh riding.

and here is a view from the back of my home

I was invited for christmas dinner by my landlady and she served a pork medallion with cognac sauce and home made spätzle, as side dishes, there were Blaukraut and veggies in herb butter. Not a typical German Christmas dishes, because usually the German eats goose or duck for christmas dinner. However Mrs Diebold told me, that they were just too fatty for her so instead of those poultry she choose pork. And the pork medallions were tasty, it was small but crisp outside and juicy inside. The cognac based sauce was rich but gave an extra flavour to the soft and chewy spätzle.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday

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