Friday, December 17, 2010

Pizzeria Amalfi

Probably the best Pizzeria in Laupheim? After eating in a lot of pseudo-Italian restaurant, I have to say, Amalfi is easily the best Italian Restaurant Laupheim can offer. The restaurant itself is pretty small. We went there on a cold friday night and we were lucky to be given the only free, unreserved two-seater table in the middle of the restaurant. It's not the best table, but then again, we didn't know that it would be that full. So, noted, a reservation is recommended.

I was positively surprised that even in such a small restaurant, there's a wood-fire brick oven. And the menu was pleasantly surprising too, for they offer buffalo Mozzarella and spicy salami, which are my favorites pizza toppings. Not only that, they also offer Rocket Salad with Parma ham and Parmesan cheese Pizza, another favourite of mine. I didn't order this that night but I will visit them again just to have this.

On the table, there're bottles of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. And once you placed the order. They served a basket of white bread which you eat with the olive oil.

So here are some stuffs that we ordered that night:
Small mixed salad with balsamic reduction (4,50 euro)

Pizza with Buffalo Mozarella, spicy salami and mushroom

I like the pizza a lot. The combination of the toppings and the crispy pizza bread is heavenly. Unfortunately, the dough is a little burnt and I don't like the taste that much. Not as best as it can be.(Although, for around 7 euro, it's a pretty huge serving! I could only eat half of it and packed the rest for lunch the next day)

Calamari with spaghetti

Hubby ordered this Calamari and spaghetti and It was great. the tomato sauce was fruity and fresh. The spaghetti was al dente. But I fear that they used frozen calamari instead of fresh ones. Therefore, they're quite chewy. But then again, Laupheim is pretty far away from the coast and I'd believe that seafood would be expensive, therefore I forgive them. :D

and complimentary dessert (pureed mango)

who doesn't love complimentary dessert and it's a good one too! Fruity, fresh and not too sweet. I can gobble more than a spoonful but it's free.. so beggar can't be chooser

Amalfi Pizzeria

König-Wilhem-Str. 1
88471 Laupheim

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