Friday, February 11, 2011

Jim Block

My favourite steak restaurant in Germany is Block House. I love their T-Bone and their self created mixture of peppers & garlic. So when a friend of mine, Linda, who lives in Hamburg told me about a subsidiary company from block house, which specialized only on hamburger. I was all hot and eager to travel to hamburg on that day. But without a sound reason, why should I travel 700 km only to eat a bun with some minced beef inbetween.

so Last month I have a sound reason to travel to Hamburg. The reason for it? Be patient and wait, if it's a good news. I'll surely announce it in my blog.

Back to Jim Block. I have a high expectation for this one. First because of the name Block at the end of the name. Second, because of all the stories that Linda told me, about how good their burgers are compared to those from McD or BK. So here are the hamburgers.

the standard hamburgers with baked potato and sour cream (6,90 euro soft drinks included). Now tell me, which other fast food restaurant serve baked potato (healthier carbs than fries) as side dishes?

Hamburger with mushrooms, notice the generous serving of the mushroom. I just love the combination of mushroom with beef. As a menu with fries and drink cost 6,60 euro

Block Burger Pur, for the meat lovers, this is it. It's pure beef burger without the annoying bun. The hamburger was juicy and grilled to perfection. I love the sweetness and crunchiness of the coleslaw. And the quality of the baked potato with sour cream is exactly the same as the one from Block House. Price : 7,00 euro

Cheeseburger with salad, the burger itself cost 6,20 euro plus the small salad 1,20 euro

I just want to highlight the freshness of the salad once again.

Now does the pictures say it all? And notice one interesting fact, they serve all their dishes in china. A fast food restaurant with real china? and with that price too. Eat that McD, you and your paper wrapper btw McD is not that cheap either. The last time I visit McD their burger also cost somewhere around 6 euro. With extra one or two euro Jim Block offers better hamburger and fresher salad too. And don't forget my fave peppers mixture from Block house, with that they got me.The peppers mixtures, which consists of garlic, red, white & black pepper and other secret ingredients compliments the beef burgers so well. No wonder Linda raves about Jim Block so much.

Jim Block have more than one restaurants, but all of them is in Hamburg. The one I visit is the one in Bamberk

Jim Block Fuhle
Fuhlsbüttler Straße 165
22307 Hamburg

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  1. Thanks for all the Asian restaurant tips on your blog! I must say good Chinese restaurants are a dime in a dozen in Hamburg, but I managed to find cool new places through a food tour in the city.