Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just Tea Bubble Tea Hamburg

So, I heard from my friend via Facebook that Hamburg has its own Bubble Tea!! I challenge you to imagine my reaction (I pretty much shout at her wall, begging her to share the address of the shop). 

From what I heard, this shop just opened a year ago. The shop itself is really small with only 6 stools. Actually, the main fare of the shop itself is not boba tea but an AYCE (All You Can Eat) Sushi restaurant. So in practice, you can order bubble tea while eating your sushi. Sushi and bubble tea? Personally, I think it's a weird combination. But again think of it as an interracial marriage. Why not? There are many here in Hamburg. Anyway, I went there on a Saturday noon, there was no queue but there were a lot of customers traffic, so it seemed like business is good.

My friend, Beth, and I, each ordered a glass. The left one is the original bubble tea and right one is the yam bubble tea, my all time favorite. It tasted great, exactly as how a yam milk tea should taste. They need to improve the taste of the boba though. But I'm not complaining I'll be back for sure. And even better, they didn't charge extra for the yam flavored bubble tea, unlike Boboq in Berlin. 

And here is the menu board 

They offer various toppings and even crushed ice. my favourite toppings are the conservative tapioca pearls and lychee jelly. I tried the yogurt pearls too, but it didn't taste tangy like yogurt at all, it's kinda like sour watery subtance with chewy filaments. 

It's so wonderful to move to a city where one can satisfy one's addiction of "exotic" Asian food. Now I don't even need to travel to Berlin when I have a craving for Yam bubble tea.

Wandsbeker Marktstr. 141
20357 Hamburg
U1 - Wandsbek Markt

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