Saturday, June 28, 2014

Guacomole and Caipirinha for World Cup Brazil

It's World Cup Time and we diligently watch each and every German match. For the Germany vs USA game last Wednesday I made this: Guacomole with nachos and Caipirinha


2 ripe Hess avocado
1 small shallot
3 cherry tomatoes
1 lime
a sprinkle of dried chili flakes
sugar and salt to taste

Mashed the avocado
Cut the shallot, cherry tomatoes and mixed in to the mashed avocado
Season with salt, sugar and lime juice 


1 lime, quartered
2 Tbs brown cane sugar
4 ml Cachaca
Lots of iced

Put in sugar and quartered lime into a Caipirinha glass and crash them with Caipirinha stock
Fill the glass with ice
Measure 4 ml Cachaca and pour it into the glass
Wait till the ice melt a bit but not to much and start to sip

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