Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Goldener Herbst

We have such a mild autumn, glorious sunny days. I love how the German words implied how wonderful autumn can be. Goldener Herbst literally means Golden Autumn. Which sunny and dry autumn really is. Trees are colourful, golden leaves on the ground, so many autumn products to be enjoyed. We spent a lot of time outdoor nowadays, Fitzie walks now so we brought her along to pick wild chestnuts

and wild mushroom in the Wood. 

All wonderful autumn's activities that I've missed last year.

We've picked chanterelles, porcini and Bovist and cooked them in various ways.

Our favourite is definitely porcinis. Bovist is a tasteless Styropor, chanterelles have such a earthy smells and taste spicy. Whereas porcini is smooth, has a firm bite and so fleshy. If only the sell Porcinis in supermarket then we won't need to wake super early on sunday morning.

Have a great autumn you guys

Mel and Fitzie

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