Monday, November 17, 2014

Japanese Candied Sweet Potato

Autumn products are plentiful nowadays, last week I bought Aubergine for 99 Cent/kg. Considering the normal Price at € 1,99. It was such a bargain that I bought 2 KGs of it right away. I made Karniyarik (Turkish filled Aubergine) with them and serve them with pilaf Rice and tabbouleh. I'll post a recipe after this post. 

Anyway the title of this post is Japanese Candied Sweet Potato and not aubergine. So here's the intro:

the Asian Supermarket stock fresh and pretty sweet potato. Fitzie loves them so I bought tons of them right away. Now I have so many sweet potato that I'm wondering what I should do with them. Nami from Justonecookbook has such a great sweet potato recipe. It's ridiculously easy and taste so awesome that you can eat a plateful of them right away.

I won't post a recipe 'cause Nami have described them with such Details in her blog that it will such a shame to take credit of it. But here's my sweet potato.

We all love the crunchy and caramelised exterior and soft creamy interior. We finished off this plate in less than 15 minutes.

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