Monday, March 22, 2010

Ben & Jerry Waffles at Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop

Ben & Jerry's Waffle and Ice

The long awaited spring will soon be here and I already can't wait for summer. In trying to make summer comes even faster, I went to eat some ice cream at Ben & Jerry's at Kastanien alle. I have high expectation for Ben & Jerry's Ice cream. After all, a lot of people rave about how good Ben & Jerry's Ice creams, and how fresh their waffles are.

So off I went to Kastanien alle to get something heavenly. But boy, was I dissapointed :(. Either it's not my lucky day or Ben & Jerry's Waffle simply sucks. The waffle was raw inside! Okay, they are freshly made but they don't taste freshly baked. As I ate the waffle, I can feel the waffle dough sticking to my teeth. I've tasted better (and fresh-er) Ice cream waffle at Kotti/Warschauer str. (I don't have any pictures since at the time I haven't started blogging, and now I forgot where the shop is. I guess perfect time to start wandering around the area again huh?)

And are they nuts? the combination of sweet ice cream (I chose strawberry cheesecake) with Chocolate sauce and more castor sugar is just wayyy to sweet! I can't even finish them. There was so much sugar in one dish that it's just nauseating. They also offer strawberry sauce, but I'm pretty sure that it's too sweet too. So if you like excess sugar, go ahead and get your sugar fix there. But personally, I'll stick to my favourite store made (not factory made like the one in Ben & Jerry 's) Ice cream from Franken&Grunewald.

How can something that looks so good can taste so bad?? :(

Ben & Jerry's waffle Berlin

Before I offend someone, the above post was my personal opinion and and I'm open for other ice cream suggestions. Hey, maybe I just chose the wrong Ice cream.

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