Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ishin Japanese Deli

Ishin Japanese Deli is not a place where you go to eat the best sushi in town. It's more like a place you go to find mediocre but cheap sushi. Even though the maki they serve are loosely wrapped with only two tiny piece of raw salmon inside (they even mixed in crab stick and canned tuna in their maki), I'm not gonna complain since my main reason of visiting Ishin is either to enjoy their Don (raw sashimi on rice) or their cey-ro (cooked fish on rice). Also they have free all-you-can-drink green tea. I'll never say no to that.

Here is Ishin's Unagi Cey-Ro (eel over rice)

Ishin Unagi Cey-ro

Ishin offers a variety of Don as their "specials of the week" for €5,00. For example on the week when I visited them. they have Tuna Steak on rice. I strongly recommend this one, it's such a bargain! You got 4 pieces of tuna with rice, and it's really one of the best food they serve on the menu.

Maguro steak with rice

Tuna Steak with rice

My favourite Don is the Barachi Don. It's marinated minced raw fish on warm rice. Unfortunately they took this item out of their Menu, and the only way you can get this dish is after 4:00 pm. I really think that they chop some leftover fish and serve it as a dish that way..

Ishin Barachi Don

Btw, if you are sushi fans, go to Ishin at their Happy Hour, which is mo-fr untill 4:00 pm or wed & sat. the whole day. Around that time you can get Ume Menue for €5,50 (reg
€7)and Take Menue for 9,00 (reg €12)

My spouse always order Sushi in Ishin so I have some photos for you guys to enjoy

Ume Menue

Ume Menu

Take Menue

Ishin Take Menue

Sake Menue

Ishin Sake Menue

Ishin Japanese Deli
Mittelstraße 24 10117 Berlin - Mitte
Telefon: 030 - 20 67 48 29
U+S Friedrichstraße

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