Thursday, April 22, 2010

Welcoming Alobert as our second author

My dear cousin, Albert, who lives in Australia, is a very talented cook. I think this talent runs in the family. He specializes in cooking complicated fine western food. What's more, he really put in his labor of love to all his foods. When he's done cooking them, he'll arrange them in these photogenic ways. Another important fact about him is, he loves to indulge himself in expensive michelin star rated restaurants. Once he visited one of the best restaurant in Australia (forget the name) but the picture was great! I hope he visit another one soon and post them in this blog.

btw did I mention that he's not only a talented cook but also a gifted pianist and a hard working accountant (Bert, you do work as an accountant? aren't you?). Okay, it's not important, but I still want to mention it, as I want to imply that he's not a professional chef, like you and me, he's only passionate about his food.

Anyway after I start my blog, I've asked him once to contribute as a guest writer, he was excited about the idea and soon after that he keeps nagging me, when he should start. So today he officially accepted the invitation to become a member of "Craving for food". And I bet, we are going to read some posts on tasty looking food soon.

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