Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kebab Kubideh at El-Reda

El-Reda is definitely a popular spot for Persian food in Berlin, you never see them without customers, young and old, families with children & poor students. They even operate until early in the morning like say 3 a.m. And I can understand why they are so popular. The Kebabs are freshly grilled, they serve a generous portion of basmati rice and a plateful of fresh salad which consists of basil leaves, parsley, radish and peperoni. All these for merely €5.00, not only that they also have free oriental black tea for everyone.

The restaurant is divided into two rooms, the front room is where the 'kitchen' is located, this is where you should order the food and the oriental tea is placed here.
The second one is where the dining room located. Decorated in a real oriental flavour.

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My fave dish, Kubideh (grilled minced lamb) serve with basmati rice and one grilled tomato. The portion is huge! Most of times after I eat whole portion, I felt as if I can't even breathe, but the rice was so fragrant and smooth that I can't stop eating until all is finished.

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The vegetarian mix plate, which consists of hummus (mashed chickpeas), deep fried cauliflower, deep fried aubergine, deep fried potatoes and falafels. No wonder I like this vegetarian mix plate so much, almost everything is deep fried. Now thinking about it, it's not a good choice at all.

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El-Reda Restaurant
Huttenstr. 69-70
10553 Berlin

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