Sunday, May 23, 2010

Traditional Chinese breakfast

Growing up in south-east Asia, I've eaten a lot of fried rice, fried bihun, fried noodles and nasi lemak/uduk as breakfast. They are like the typical Indonesian/Malaysian breakfast that one can get in every corner. Sometimes my parents (they're chinese descendant) craved for typical Chinese breakfast and would take my siblings and me to yong-he taiwanese brand for soy milk and Chinese crullers. There I learnt about the joy of sipping watery porridge with cubed sweet potatoes accompnied with various savory dishes, such as (egg with presevered radish, pork floss, salted egg, etc etc). I'll write about them again, promise! So let me ramble on other stuffs today.

Yong he did not only serve porridge but they also serve store-made soy milk and Chinese crullers. There I learnt that one must dunk in the crullers into the sweet soy milk. The crullers absorbs the sweetness of the soy milk and the soy milk will get some fine layer of oil from the deep fried crullers, which made the soy milk taste better. I'll call them mutualism. I mentioned learnt , why? because almost no one in Indonesia eat crullers with soy milk. Hey, ask the native Indonesian, they eat crullers with watered sri-racha.

So for me, eating sweet soy milk with crullers were really a special treat. Nowadays I crave for such item too. Unfortunately, there are no shop/restaurant in Berlin, which offers this specialties. There is one in Hamburg and once I visited Hamburg only to eat this classic Chinese breakfast.

So what did I do, if the munchies for soy milk and crullers came. I went to Asian supermarket and bought frozen crullers and Singaporian packaged soy milk from Yeo's. I heated them all up at home and voila ... I made myself a traditional Chinese breakfast.

soy milk and crullers

Another breakfast item, which can be found in every corner in Taiwan is this "Dan Bing". It's basically like salty & savory pan cake with scallion and thin layer of egg. The sauce for this Dan Bing is black bean sauce.

I tried to made them myself at home and here how it looks like

Before rolling ... with thin layer of egg and finely sliced scallions

egg scallion bing

After rolling with black bean sauce in the middle

dan bing

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