Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Bird

A German TV show called 'Galileo' made a program called 'Kampf der Nationen' lit. it means battle of the nations. Every day the program compares food from other countries and its german counterparts. For example, battle of hamburger, American burger is compared to the germanized burger. Four independent judges (they are all ordinary people and not German or American) tasted and gave marks to the burgers. The Burger with the highsest score wins. One of phD student in our chemistry group got the chance to join the show and to be a celebrity of the day. After he came back the next day, we all excitedly asked him how it went. I'm going to spare all the details about the preparation and about the mundane shooting procedure and just quote his words about the burgers.

German burger is tasty, there's a lot of fresh veggies and topped with many types of sauces, ketchup, mustard, majonaisse and even bbq sauce. American burger is minimalist with only cheese and some bacon. But the patties for the burger is heavenly, moist and juicy and all the flavour comes from the beef patties. Then the crucial question that I asked next ... which one do you give the highest mark? American burger said he without hesitation. So after his detailed explanation I want one american burger too. Not those from McDonald's or Burger King but a real american burger.

Luckily, the american chef who cooked the burger for the show worked in Berlin, so after noting the detailed address of the restaurant off I went to taste the burger at the bird.

The restaurant is surely american. The waitress who came to our table talks German with American accent and looks like she's more comfortable with English rather than German.

And so is the burger, medium grilled, exactly as the phD student has described, juicy with its reddish warm meat in the middle and with lots of caramelized onion, bacon and cheddar cheese. And there's the french fries which are freshly made in their kithcen ... arrghhh if only I can eat this every day without worrying about calories and clogging my own arteries. Well once in a blue moon is enough i guess

The Bird Burger

My spouse as always stubborn as hell, decides to order a rib-eye steak instead of burger ,eventhough I plead that he order a different type of burger. But the steak was also delicious, one of the juiciest and thickest steak I've ever taste and seen. And I love the garlicky sauteed spinach as the side dishes.

The Bird Rib eye steak

The Bird Restaurant
Am Falkplatz 5
10437 Berlin
U-Schonhäuser Allee

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