Thursday, July 29, 2010

Asia Deli

Let me share a little secret between the Chinese and that is Asia Deli at Seestr. This tiny Imbiss sell cheap and homey Chinese dishes. Most of people who visit this imbiss are either poor students or simply Chinese people who just crave for home-cooked style food. I visit them frequently and try almost every single dish they offered. Most of their dishes are very tasty, with their price (mind you, Everything cost under 10 euro and most dishes cost around 6 euro). Be warned though, if you have MSG-allergy, this is not the suitable place for you.

My most favourite dish is their steamed dorade with chopped chilli and cilantro. For €8,90 you got a whole fish and even though it's a frozen fish, you barely tasted it because of the cilantro fragrance and the spiciness of the chili.

asia deli steamed fish hunan style

Another popular dish is beef in ceramic pot. And trust me, the beef are tender and some beef are adorned with some tendons, which not only chewy but also absorbed all the goodnes of the spices and soy sauce. Btw if you like lamb,they also offer lamb for variation.
Asia Deli beef tendon in topf

For the cold dish they have spiced tofu braised in soy sauce. The sauce are sweetish and salty and the porous tofu absorbs all the goodnes.
asia deli tofu in soy sauce

For a real home style chinese stir fry, I recommend this bok choy with egg drop filled with minced pork. My grandma used to make this egg drop filled with minced pork, and when I saw this at their menu. I was thrilled and the first bite brought back all the memory that I have with my grandma, like Anton Ego when he took the first bite of remy's rataouille.

asia deli stir fry bok choy with egg drop

Stir fried spicy beef tripes ... chewy and bursting with spiciness and garlicky flavour

stir fried beef tripe

Stewed pig intestines .. this dish are for those who dare to eat pig innards. I used to hate pig intestine. My mom usually cook dish pig intestine in a clear soup and it outline the piggy smell of the intestine, I never touch that dish. However I love this stewed pig intestines, it's chewy and spicy, flavourful. the Sliced celery give a crunchines to compliment that chewy intestine.
stewed pig intestine
Sweet and sour pork rib. This dish is my spouse favourite dish. Being a person who loves sweet dishes. This dish is really sweet and he loves it. Everytime he came to this place this is a must-ordered-dish.

sweet and sour pork rib

A simple stir fried bok choy without the egg drop filled with minced pork

stir fried bok choy

Other dishes that I would like to recommend are fish fragrant aubergine (a very mouth watering dish, sweet and sour with soy sauce) Be warned though this dish swims in vegetable oil, water cooked fish or beef (typical szechuan numbing and spicy dish) and if you are advanterous, their spicy pig toe are also wonderful.

Asia Deli
Seestr. 41
13353 Berlin

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