Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Madang Korean Restaurant

After the Korean food experience at Arirang Korean Restaurant, I was hooked! I opened my eyes and looked around for other Korean Restaurant in Berlin. Surprsingly many Korean Restaurant sprang out in the last few years for example there are Kimchi princess, Yam Yam and Omoni at Prenzlauer berg and also Madang which just opened their doors last year. After reading many positive reviews about this restaurant, I decided that this restaurant should be the next Korean advanture for me.

Madang is pretty tiny restaurant, the decorations were surely choosen with great care. At one corner there's a pretty Korean doll with some clay tea pots and artificial Korean veggies. I just love this small touch which enchantes a homely feeling in a restaurant

Well but a restaurant should not only offer a pretty ambience but also good food. On that day I choose Sam gyeop Sal (Bbqed pork belly with its side dishes) and also some Korean Seafood Pancake.

Madang Samgyeopsal

And here are the complimentary Ban Chan, soy bean sprout, the ubiquitous kimchi, some soy bean simmered in soy sauce and sugar and for the veggies to roll the pork belly they offered either romaine salad or the usual lettuce. and two types of dipping sauce : paprica paste (gochujang) and a sauce consisted of salt, pepper and sesame oil.

Madang Ban Chan

And here is the Hae Meol Pa Jeon aka Korean sea food pancake. I love the scallions so I'm in love with this dish right away. Even though it is called as sea food pancake but the most dominant part is the green scallions and they also serve some soy sauce for the dipping sauce.

Madang Haemul pa jeon

The food in Madang is surely pricier than in Arirang. But again like a chinese idiom says. for a cent money you got a cent of quality. So even though the food in Arirang is pricier but the presentation of the food are better. I would even say that the food in Madang are dainty whereas the food in Arirang are rough.

Madang Korean Restaurant

Gneisenaustr. 8 10961
U6/7-Mehringdamm/ M 19

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