Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yoli Frozen Yogurt

Fit to this weekend summerly weather. Here is a post about something icy.

Back at home, Frozen yoghurt is such a rave, in every sour sally and red mango there are lines of customers waiting for the frozen yoghurt. As I'm an extremely food curios person, I tried frozen yoghurts from both stores. It was good but overpriced and I can't understand the rave. It just some ice cream similar texture stuff with some fresh fruits.

So the first frozen yogurt shop in Berlin opened up in Mitte, I was wondering whether it will better than the on I tried at home.

The interior of the yoli frozen yogurt, the maschine on bottom left is the tap for the frozen yoghurt.

a small frozen yoghurt with two toppings, fresh strawberries and pistachio sauce.

My verdict? The frozen yoghurt taste like a frozen yoghurt taste cold, sour & creamy, it tastes better with combination of fruity strawberries and sweet & nutty pistachio sauce. But honestly saying, frozen yoghurt never impress me much and it didn't impress me this time either.

Yoli Frozen Yogurt
Invalidenstrasse 112
Berlin Mitte

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  1. I agree with you about frozen yogurth, I like Pink Berry frozen yogurth in USA.

    By the way I saw some of your posts and they made me so hungry! I'm lookinf forward reading new posts :)