Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beef noodle soup at Dodeli China Restaurant

beef noodle soup

The true translation of this dish is actually "hand kneaded beef noodle soup" (shou gan niu rou mian), which means that the noodle is freshly kneaded to get that desirable chewy texture. It's unlike the dried, store bought noodle that another overrated Taiwanese noodle shop in Kantstra├če (which shall remain nameless) sells. Anyway, the noodle in Dodeli CR definitely live up to its name. You can tell that it's hand-kneaded since it has the al dente texture that can't be imitated by machine-made dried noodle.

Even though there are a lot of restaurants that sell noodle soup in Berlin, I want to blog Dodeli Restaurant because I feel that it's really underrated, and that not a lot of people (besides maybe the Chinese) know about this restaurant. Dodeli sells one of the best beef noodle soup. First, obviously because of the handmade noodle, and second because of their soups. The soups are beefy, savory, and a little bit spicy. Each bowl of beef noodle soup also comes with a generous portion of tender, succulent beef cubes, and best of all, it only comes with a mere price of €6.90. The coriander leaves garnish enhanced the f even more. If you're more adventurous and craves for more acidity, I recommend to add a few drops of black vinegar.

Dodeli China Restaurant
Kantstr. 120
10625 Berlin


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