Thursday, February 25, 2010

Frozen dumpling from Wu Ji China Restaurant

Nothing beats home made dumplings, not only in term of freshness and quality but also in the variation of the fillings. For example, you can make the fillings with pork and lots of veggies such as: napa cabbage, chives (my personal favourite), scallion and celery, or beef with onion, lamb with cabbage, seafood with egg and even vegetarian variety of tofu with shitake mushroom. So you can just choose your favourite ingredients and mixed them all together, like I did with my mixture of pork shrimps chives and egg dumpling

However the process of making home made dumplings is quite time consuming. You have to mix, cut the ingredients, kneading and rolling the dough. Then you have to taste the fillings and finally, you have fill each dumplings with the fillings. Don't get discouraged though! Making dumpling is actually a really fun activity, that is if there's at least two or more people are involved in the process. But whenever I crave for dumplings, I am either alone or don't have enough time to make it =(. So clever lazy me, (tee hee) found a restaurant that sells dumpling a while ago. I then proceed to buy some frozen dumpling, store them in my fridge and boil them whenever I have the urge to eat.

dumpling's filling : pork with napa cabbage

Pork with string bean

They sell 40 (frozen or cooked) pork with napa cabbage or pork with string bean dumplings for €8. However, if your religious belief prevents you from eating pork (or you're just the adventurous types) they also sell seafood dumplings and beef with green chilies dumplings.

At home I usually boil or steam-fry them. I also make a dip of black vinegar and chili oil. I usually add a vegetable side like celery salad to balance the meal.

Chinarestaurant Wu Ji
Wattstra├če 12
13629 Berlin-Siemenstadt
U Rohrdamm

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