Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do we need another food blog?

The answer is NO! with so many food blogs and so many food porn pictures out there, I will say, it's enough. Nowadays we can just google a name of a dish and in a blink of eye come hundred thousand mouth watering picture. My bro will say: "buy a very expensive SLR-Camera and a very good lense, if possible, twice the price of the camera and that's all you need. oh yeah don't forget a lot of editing in adobe Photoshop " I hope nobody is offended, as I myself ain't even a photographer, I'll just refrain myself from agreeing or disagreeing.

So what am I doing here, adding another food blog to the overcrowded virtual food community? my answer is simple, it's my LOVE for food. I just love good food, I love cooking, eating, experimenting, dreaming (yes, I dream of food! envy?), imagining my next meal, planning my weekend grocery shopping and cooking it. Let just simplify it ... it's an Obsession.

Day by day this passion never cease but increase as I read more books and try on different meals. The more Information I obtain, the crave in me grow as much. As the chinese proverb says, "there's always another higher mountain" (一山更比一山高) so is the journey of learning about meals and food. So to prove my deep love here is my humble blog to record my insatiable cravings.

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