Tuesday, March 2, 2010

*Updated* Stew minced pork and egg

Six months ago, my brother can't even fry a decent sunny-side-up egg. Recently, he made this minced pork and egg over rice (using my recipe :D) and sent me this picture. I hope our mom will be proud when she read this. After all, her youngest child is finally grown up (from cooking for himself.. hahaha). I'm also gonna quote my sister who said that this was proof that Gusteau (From Ratatouille) is right... "Everyone Can Cook!"

lu rou fan

Here's a recipe for my bro who recently bought cheap minced meat and asked me for the simplest recipe possible. So as per request, here's an even more simplified recipe (I omitted some ingredients that I know he doesn't have in his dorm) I gave him.

Simple minced pork and egg stew

1 bulb onion, peel and cut into tiny pieces
200 gr minced pork
2 eggs, boiled and peel
5 - 8 Tbs light soy sauce (it depends on the brand of your soy sauce, korean soy sauce is not so salty, chinese brand is saltier but indonesian soy sauce is the saltiest)
2 Tbs dark mushroom soy sauce
10 Tbs indonesian sweet soy sauce (kecap manis)
oil to pan fry
white pepper to taste
  • heat vegetable oil on pan and sautee onion. Once they turn brown, add the minced meat and stir fry
  • season with soy sauce (for taste), dark mushroom soy sauce (for colour), sweet soy sauce (for the sweetness).
  • add the eggs into the meat and pour in 2 cups of water into the mixture.
  • stew for 30 minutes so that the eggs can absorbs the sauce. Don't forget to flip the eggs to get a complete brown surface.
  • Add water if needed (i.e. if all of the water evaporated).
  • put pepper to taste and It's not necessary to salt this dish. The saltiness comes from the soy sauce. Add in some sugar, if it's not sweet enough for your taste.
This dish is a bit on the sweet side since that's how our mom used to make it. So following the tradition, here is a sweet minced pork and egg stew. By the way feel free to add in button mushroom or shitake mushroom. This dish is so versatile, you can have it with both rice or noodle. Pour the meat with the sauce onto some rice and you got lu rou fan (stewed meat over rice), pour the sauce onto noodle and garnish with boiled bok choy and you got noodle with pork sauce


  1. Hey Mel,

    Firstly, COngratz on your blog.
    and, quick question, is this the Taiwanese version for minced pork? I want to finr the recipe.. but it is really freaking hard :)


  2. I'm really proud of your brother to cook up this dish, the picture looks amazing! :)

  3. Hey Bert,

    love to hear from you, Are you interested becoming a guest writer here? you can post your gastronomy recipes and pictures ... would love a touch of prettily arranged foods here

    and no I don't think it taiwanese... it's more like my mom's version of lu rou haha

    @ cher ... me too ... never thought he can cook! he who 6 months ago complain that he's afraid of the heat from boiling indomie wkwkw

  4. wow... are u sure u want me to become a guest writer? i would love too...

    I am going to re-launch my blog again since I haven't updated them for 3 months... (blame my stupid camera..... I lost it in Melbourne)

    I shall keep in touch with you shortly

    Thank you Mel