Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thai Imbiss

Seriously, this place simply called itself "Thai Imbiss". But don't judge this place from its shabby, messy interior; This is where most Thais go to eat when they want to have authentic Thai food.

Like Asian's "Kopi tiam", this Imbiss is arranged like a food court. There are five food vendors which serve different types of Thai food. There's a dining area in the middle of the imbiss. Mind you, everything here is self-service. Besides the food counter, there's also a main counter that sells beverage and the meal-vouchers. To enjoy a meal here first, you have to buy a 5 euro meal-voucher (all meals here cost 5 euro, so that's convenient), then the you order your meals at any one of the vendors, and then you carry your food to the dining area. Food courts or hawker stalls like these are very common in Asia but not here in Germany.

Anyway, I was euphoric when I entered this food court. It makes me feel like I'm in a chinatown back in Asia again. And their food was excellent! It was not germanized at all, but authentic just like the ones you'll get when you visit Thailand.

thai imbiss berlin

Here is the barbecued pork, Chinese sausage and roast pork belly over rice (phew that's a mouthful). The red sauce on the right side of the picture is more sweet than it is spicy. They also served a home-made soup (included with the meal).

roast pork rice

Here is the chicken rice. It's a combination of deep fried battered chicken and boiled chicken. They serve the chicken with plain jasmine rice, which taste good, but personally, I think it'll be better if served with Hainanese chicken rice. For those of you who are clueless, when Hainanese rice are made, they infused chicken soup with the rice so the end product is a very fragrant and flavorful rice! But I digress.

chicken rice
And here's the Pad Thai

pad thai

Don't forget to order the Thai iced tea and longan drink

iced milk tea and longan drink

As dessert of the day, there's cubed taro with coconut milk (I would describe it as similar to Indonesian Kolak and Malaysian Bobo Cha Cha)

taro in coconut milk

Thai Imbiss
on the road directly behind S-Charlottenburg


  1. Wahh... chicken rice looks really good! Makes me hungry! >_<

    I tried Pad thai here before, and it's really sweet =S I don't know if I like that

  2. too bad they closed about a month ago... This place belonged to a friend of my father. But due to contract problems he had to close down. But if youre still for authentic Thai food and flair and love chilling in the sun, I suggest the Thai park (Preussen Park), where most of the cooks from "Thai imbiss" also took refuge. Its the park you can see directly when you come up on U Fehrbelliner Str. At first you might think its a huge picknick party. But they also sell there stuff. Since its in the park and the cooks are restricted to their camping cookers the selection is not as good as "Thai imbiss", but when the sun is shining and youre sitting in the sun eating your papaya salad, you'll forget all that... A must for anybody craving for authentic thai food.