Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tiramisu at Cafe Bilderbuch

Isn't "Cafe Bilderbuch" a pretty name for a cafe? It literaly means "Picture Book Cafe". The first time I've heard of this name, I imagined a cute classic cafe which sprang right out of my old Enid Bylton books.

To my delight, I found that "Bildurbuch" fits the cafe perfectly! There's a grandfather's clock at the back of the cafe, and a comfortable granny's couch (you know, those fifties old couch) on the right side of the cafe. I wonder, if the couch has really been there since the fifties? And of course there's some simple wooden tables and chairs that's not modern or even stylish. They're more convenient than they are pretty. But still, this cafe has its own charm.

Cafe Bilderbuch is not a place where the hippest and the most stylish hangs out, but It's a comfy place that makes you feel like you are sitting in your dear old aunt's living room. And the service are exactly like that. They never shoo their guests out of the cafe. Basically you can just order one cup of milchcaffee and sit the whole evening there.

Tiramisu Cafe Bilderbuch

When I went there, I order a tiramisu and a milchcaffee, but they also serve breakfast until midnight. So if you suddenly crave for scrambled egg for dinner, here is the place you should visit

Here's the picture of the tiramisu and the milchcaffee. The three "newspapers" you see on the left side of the picture are the menu of the week. That's how Cafe Bildurbuch print out their menus. Besides the menus, in the papers were stories and articles about things that happened around the area and about the people who visit their cafe.

Cafe Bilderbuch

Cafe Bilderbuch
Akazienstraße 28
10823 Berlin
030 78706057


  1. THAT is one HUGE tiramisu!! Would you ever make one? :D

  2. Hahaha ... I shared this one with other two girls. Come on!! we should share our sin, shouldn't we?