Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sichuan food at Tian Fu Restaurant

Five years ago, almost no one in Berlin has ever heard about Sichuan food. But today, you can find this spicy cuisine (which originates from a region in China) in practically every third Chinese restaurant in Berlin. But the title of "Pioneer in Sichuan food in Germany" belongs to Tianfu restaurant.

Even though Tian Fu is the first Sichuan restaurant in Berlin, IMHO, they don't retain their quality as they used to. Maybe they're trying to cut corners by using not-so-fresh ingredients? Or maybe they just change their chef? Either way, The Tianfu that I used to visit tasted better than it is today.

I would love to recommend another better sichuan restaurant in Berlin, but until today I still haven't found one, so everytime I have a crave for spicy, numbing food I still go to Tianfu.

Here are some food that I ate there.

Spiced tofu with coriander leaves, they are still good, however I feel that they cut down on the coriander leaves. I can't even taste them and it used to burst with the typical soapy taste of the cilantro.
coriander with tofu tian fu berlin

tofu skin salad, it's cold and plain, but is really refreshing after all of the spicy food

tofu skin salad

jellyfish salad, it's still good with chewy jelly fish and some acid from black vinegar

jelly fish salad

dan dan mian before mixing

dan dan mian before mixing

dan dan mian after mixing. they are still tasty but again in my humble opinion, I feel that they cut down on the sauce. There was not enough sauce to cover all noodles and there's only a little bit of minced meat.

dan dan mian tian fu berlin

Water boiled fish (Shui Zhu Yu), the only dish of the night which still satisfy me. It's numbing and spicy and there are a lot of good smooth pieces of fish. It's definetly the star of the evening.

water boiled fish tianfu berlin

Stir fried bok choy with shitake mushroom. They mixed in some cheap leek to compensate the more expensive shanghai bok choy, to make the whole plate looks fuller.

stir fried shanghai bok choy with shitake mushroom

Btw If you know any other good Sichuan Restaurant, do tell me! I'm open for any recommendations!

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