Friday, May 7, 2010

Curry Wurst at Curry 36

If somebody visits Berlin and ask me, "what is the trademark dish of this city?" I wouldn't to make one second to answer: "Curry Wurst". Curry Wurst is nothing more than pan fried pork sausage cut into thick slices, seasoned with lots of tomato ketchup and a little bit of curry powder. Normally, Curry wurst is eaten together with either french fries or German bread roll.

Sounds simple isn't it? But the power of curry wurst lays on the texture (it's smooth) and the taste of the sausage itself. Trust me, the Germans know their sausages.
You can find curry wurst being sold everywhere. From colleges cafeterias to any random street vendors. In short, you can go anywhere in the city and and easily find warm curry wurst for your snack. However, for the best curry wurst, there's only two stalls in Berlin you need to visit. The first is Konnopke in Schönhauser Alle (Best on East Berlin) and the other one is Curry 36 in Mehringdamm (Yup, you guess it! Best on West Berlin).

I usually go to Curry 36 for two simple reasons: This is the first stall that I went to and second, I heard a rumor that the former German chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder, only eats Curry wurst from this stall. However, he never has to do the hard work of actually buying them himself, all he needs to do is ask his assistant/driver to buy them for him while he waits and sits in the car (which I presume is a Limo). Anyway, when you order a curry wurst, the seller are going to ask,"mit oder ohne Darm?" which means "with or without intestine?". I prefer eating it with the intestine, for the extra bite, but original east berliner's curry wurst should be eaten without (it's because back during the GDR, there was no such luxury as intestine).

Here is the picture of curry wurst with intestine

Curry wurst 36

I went to this stall today, because a friend of mine, Agus, wants to open his own curry wurst restaurant in Indonesia. So he starts to taste various curry wurst to decide what kind of sauce, does he want to serve in Indonesia. Btw his most favourite curry wurst is also the one from curry 36.

As you can see, there's always long queue for the sausage and it's even in rainy day.

Curry 36 Mehringdamm

They even sell the vacuum sealed sausages to bring home

Curry 36 vacuum sealed sausage

Curry 36
Mehringdamm 36
10961 Berlin

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