Thursday, February 18, 2010

BoboQ Bubble tea in Berlin

Updated (24.06.10) : I went to BoboQ again today and they have some new flavour. They also have my most favourite flavour (TARO) *squell with delight*. More squelling as I slurp the drink. It was exactly as it should be, milky and fragrant with taro! Happy happy, will visit them more often. By the way they are so popular, the store is filled with Asian. I even overheard, that a girl from Düsseldorf came to Berlin for the purpose of drinking bubble tea. And in a day she visited them twice.
Unfortunately they increased the price. It's now €2,90 for M size and €3,20 for L size. And the taro one is even more expensive than the normal one. It's €3,20 for M size (0,5 L).

At last, Bubble tea invades Berlin!!

Bubble tea became such a craze ever since it premiered back in Taiwan during the 90's. This milk tea with tapioca pearl was a staple drink in every major asian cities. Even worse, I've been to one shopping mall where there were around 10 Bubble tea carts that sell different types of teas with all the different toppings and flavours. Like every other fads, the bubble tea craze cooled off in the middle of the last decade.

BoboQ is a brand from Taiwan and they just held their grand opening yesterday. Just for you, yes you! my dear reader! I sacrifice myself to taste those artificial flavoured tea mixed with creamer. Just Kidding! I was euphoric when I heard the news. At last I'll be able to drink bubble tea anytime I want, and not have to wait for when I go back to Asia.

So yesterday my friend and I excitedly went to U Wittenbergplatz after work to have a drink. The store was fully packed when I arrived. It was filled with Asians! I guess we all really missed bubble tea. There was no empty place to sit in the shop and everyone looked busy. The servers behind the counter basically ignored us. In their defense, there really were too many orders. More that they can take! We patiently waited and I took the opportunity to get some pictures of their cakes and desserts. I wondered why they don't offer something savory. It will complement the sweet bubble tea perfectly!

So what's the verdict? I ordered a large cold QQ milk green tea with extra lychee jelly as topping for €3.10. The black tapioca pearl was included in the drink, so it's unnecessary to add them to your order. In all honesty, It didn't taste as good as I would have like. It was just tea, mixed with creamer with some chewy carbs in the bottom of the glass. Beggars can't be chooser however, and I'm happy at least for a decent bite of tapioca pearls. At least, if I feel a little bit homesick, I don't need to wait until my next trip back home and all I need to do is take a 15 min rides to get me a nice cold cup of bubble tea.

Boboq pearl milk tea Berlin

As it was the very first day they opened, the "lao ban niang" herself came to our table and asked about or opinion. I told her my true opinion and she was kinda offended! She defended her tea and said that we ordered the wrong flavour, and then proceed to give us a sample of theoriginal QQ milk tea. It did taste better! Although I don't know if it was because it was free or it was indeed better. I'm not so sure myself, better come to Berlin and judge it yourself!

Boboq pearl milk tea Berlin

BoboQ bubble tea

Marburgerstr. 17


For you bubble tea lovers in Germany who do not live in Berlin, envy us!!! and visit us quickly


  1. heehee, We have so many bubble tea store here... it's hard to pick from. Thank god we have Quickly though, straight from Taiwan, and they maintain their drink's quality B) -> NYC 1 - Berlin 0 muahahaha

  2. you have Quickly in NY?? it's so unfair!! would love a glass of their bubble tea with taro pudding ... yummy
    yeah this point goes to you guys

  3. omg! i have been craving this too! (i am in berlin too) i ran across this looking for boba tee. do u know if they have honeydew or taro?

  4. @tara-bytezz,
    sorry I just read your post today. As you can read on my updated post. They "now" have taro and honeydew! and the taro one is great. I haven't tried the honeydew one so I can't tell you about it. Thanks for visitng and reading my blog.

  5. HI

    which tramstop is this, is this near the kantestrabe. i am a tourist in this town! :)

  6. Hi Anon,

    the bubble tea shop is located between U2 - Wittenbergplatz or Zoologischer Garten. It's within walk distance from both Metro (U-Bahn) station

  7. OOOh if only I had known about this last weekend when I was in Berlin. I was even staying near the Zoo...Pity!! Next time I'll definitly have to stop by. Btw, on my own quest for bubble tea in Germany, I came across a great little place in Hamburg, called "justea" on Wandsbeker Marktstraße 141 (I think U-Bahn Wandsbek Markt). Excellent tea. They even laminate the cups there, and you have to then jam your straw through, just like in Taiwan. :D
    Thanks for the great infos!

  8. Demnächst 08.05.2011 auch in Berlin Lichtenberg, Boboq eröffnet in Dong Xuan Center, Herzbergstr. 128-139, 10365 - Berlin den zweiten Laden.

    Mister Bubble

  9. probably the best in Berlin right now is Boobuk Bubble Tea Kantstrasse 118 in Berlin Charlottenburg. They have the most tasty bubble tea in Berlin. I have tasted them all. Take a look at the website You can find the menue there. By the way, you can meet some VIP´s there ;-)

  10. So: the new place to be is: AND DOTS, Weserstraße 7 in Neukölln. The Shop is beautiful, the bubble tea is great, they have amazing bubble smoothies with really cool names (my favorite is the Love and Pain :-)) check it out!!

  11. Yeaaaaaaah! And Dots rocks!, to get the spirit!