Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beef noodle soup at Ho Lee China Restaurant

Remember Ho Lee China Restaurant? The one that Jacky Chan visited when he was in Berlin while filming his movie "80 days around the world"? Anyway, when I was there the last time, I saw that they also sell beef noodle soup (it was pasted on their window). They even claimed that they're the king of beef noodle soup (written in Chinese). I was naturally intrigued, would theirs be better than my favourite one in Dodeli China Restaurant?

Last week, it was cold! (no sunshine at all at the end of may) and I craved for a warm noodle soup. So I thought that it's a great time to judge Ho Lee's claim.

Let's start with what do I like about their noodle soup? I love their condiments, they serve a plate of spicy bamboos pickles and I also like their deep fried peanut. I also like that they serve the coriander leaves and scallions in separate plates.

Ho Lee's condiments

The soup was clear and beefy but personally, I think that it lacked spices. It's no biggie though since I can add black vinegar and chili oil to the soup. The beef slices was definitely tender but again, they lacked spices. They tasted as if they're only boiled in water. In their defense, they are really generous with the amount of the beef served.

Ho Lee's Beef noodle soup

And here is the photo, after all the condiments were put on top of the noodles

Ho Lee's Beef noodle soup

What bothers me the most is their soft noodles. You know, that taste of overcooked noodles. My first thought was, It doesn't feel like freshly made noodle. So when I was paying the bill I asked the waiter, whether they made their noodle themselves. The answer surprised me, He claimed that they made their noodle themselves in the restaurant. If so, it's such a disappointment, house-made noodles shouldn't taste like that. It should be bouncy and springy! Even the seafood noodles in Arirang (they don't specialize in noodle) has more of a bounce.

For a king of noodle soup. I would say it was an average achievement. Come on, when you claimed yourself "king", I expected something bigger and better. Okay, not necessarily bigger but something grander.

Honestly, I hesitated quite a long time before I decided to write this post, because the beef noodles soup doesn't impressed me much. And I thought, should I actually write about this restaurant? But there're not so many authentic Asian food in Berlin. If I just write stuff that I really like, then I'll be finished in 1 month and I don't have anything else to write. So dear follower please just bear with my honest opinion and don't expect flowery phrases to describe some so-so food. But if I find something worth to be praised then you can be sure that it's something worth to try.

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