Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tandur Lasan

After I read a post at berlin.unlike about Tandur Lasan and read how nimmersatt rave about this place. I was excited and went there the next weekend. Exactly as berlin.unlike has described. It is a hole in a wall and they made flatbread as fast as a machine would do. I was naturally impressed by the freshness of the bread. Remember? Everything which is freshly made, taste better! And Gosh, How it was freshly made, my bread with sesame seeds & goat cheese (€1,00 but no picture) made by order and came out directly from oven. I also bought 4 flatbreads (€1,20) to take home and if they are good covered even after few days, they are still very soft and pliant.

Here is the row of unleavened bread
tandur bread

The man behind the oven
tandur lasan

As I was fascinated by the rows of the breads, my spouse noticed this
lasan restaurant broschure

and insisted that we try their restaurant on the same day, so off we go to the U-Kottbusser Tor and ate their Kebab & soup

I ordered a Kebab Kubideh (€5,00 with a soup as appetizer), I escpecially ordered Kubideh, because I love Kubideh from El-Reda and I want to compare them. Unfortunately the Kubideh here is a dissapointment. The kebab was hard and too salty for my taste. The rice was not silky and succulent but more like hard and dry. However the bread with the soup was good. I ordered okra soup and with lots of chilli flakes, it was great. My spouse prefer the complimentary lentil soup and he said it was alright.

kebab tandur

Here is the picture of both the okra soup and lentil soup and of course the tandur bread
tandur bread with soup

Tandur Lasan
Kottbusser Damm 6
10967 Berlin

Adalbertstr. 96
10999 Berlin
U1/U8-Kottbusser Tor

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