Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Smoked Salmon Latkes

The idea for this dish comes from a game called Cafe World on Facebook (*sheepish*) yes! I play a lot of games on Facebook. As you can see, one can always learn even from games :P. All the dishes that you can "prepare" in this game are well known dishes such as Hamburger, Pie, Chasu Ramen, Shumai dumpling. They do have some fantasy dishes like "dino drumstick". I know all the dishes they have until I came across "smoked salmon latkes". Since I was curious, I asked Mr. Google, and I got 36.000 hits with pretty pictures and recipes.

After reading some recipes, I got the Idea, it's more or less fried potato cakes with smoked salmon. So I gave the recipe my own twist. :)

Here is the latkes

And here's the Latkes with smoked salmon and cream cheese
smoked salmon lateks

Smoked Salmon Latkes with Cream Cheese

5 large potatoes, grated

1 egg
1 green onion
1 package smoked salmon, take out 3 sheets and sliced finely, keep the rest for the rosebuds
cream cheese for dipping
salt & pepper

Mix the ingredients evenly and using a Tablespoon form round potato cakes and fry this potato cakes directly on the pan.
Put the fried latkes on a plate and decorate them with the smoked salmon and cream cheese

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