Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gyu Don at Heno Heno

Everytime I shop at Oriental Supermarket, I pass through this cute japanese restaurant and I'm intrigued by its cute wooden japanese billboard.

heno heno

So I went in and found out that they have one of the simplest menu I've ever seen. They only serve gyu-don aka beef over rice, some udon and curry rice/udon, miso soup and onigiri.

I must say the gyu don is terrific & authentic, fine beef stripes salty from shoju and sweet from mirin. Underneath all those beef stripes and onion lay succulent rice absorbs all the goodness from the beef's sauce.

gyu don

Because I "only" ordered a small gyu don (€3,80) I wanted something more and I also ordered Onigiri with salmon flakes (€1,20). It's exactly how an onigiri should be; rice with seaweed and in the center of those rice lump, flakes of salty salmon. What I also want to try next time is their Onigiri with Umeboshi (japanese salted plum).
gyu don & onigiri

Heno Heno
Kantstr. 65
10627 Berlin

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