Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I surely mentioned that I don't really cook Indonesian food in my kitchen. But my spouse loves Indonesian food and he can really cooks them too. (Psst, that's how he won my heart, Love surely goes through the stomach) So last weekend, when he was in good mood, he declared that he wanted to cook central-Javanese Pecel (Indonesian salad). Now you wonder, why I emphazise on the central-Javanese. You see, I was born in Jakarta, the capital and there Pecel is purely vegetarian food with deep fried tofu and tempe as protein source. But in central Java they serve Pecel with beef, chicken and omelette. I was astonished at first but after a while I can enjoy them too.

So these are the ingredients for the Pecel: Bean sprouts, cabbages, Chinese long bean, underneath is the water spinach and sliced tofu and tempe.

Pecel raw Ingredients

In the middle of the picture. That's the secret weapon. We bought packages of peanut sauce from Indonesia. So now if you such a black square stuff in your asian market. You know exactly what is good for. The peanut block only need to be mixed in with hot water and voila! you got a versatile peanut sauce for pecel, siomay and even satay. Okay for true Indonesian cooks, they are going to complain and say that will not do. Because there are some minor difference in the spices. For me they are peanut sauce. I can only taste minor difference so it doesn't bother me at all.

For the Pecel basically you just need to slice the veggies into bite size and fried the tofu and tempe. It's not exactly diffcult, it just a lot of work. The curly stuff beside the tofu and tempe is actually deep fried beef tripe. Like I said, it's central-Javanese style so meaty stuff or something which comes out of animal is a must.

Pecel Ingredients

After everything are all set. You just need assembly everything together. My spouse insists on rice to be mixed along with the pecel. Again I blame it to the central Javanese style. So first rice in the bottom of the bowl then various boiled veggies then the deep fried tofu and tempe, Then pour the peanut sauce on top. As garnish you can put some fried schallots and Kerupuk. Mix them all together and it's all ready


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  1. I grew up with pecel as my breakfast in East Java. I could easily eat it with ayam bakar, ikan goreng, tahu tempe bumbu bali or whatever the sellers had.

    You should try to make your sambal pecel by yourself and find the different. I usually make my sambal pecel, keep it in the fridge and it's good for more than 6 months.